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Thread: WTB: 7 Vintage Carded Figures

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    WTB: 7 Vintage Carded Figures

    I finally got around to looking through the vintage carded figures I purchased over the years and discovered that I'm only missing 6 characters to have at least one of each figure carded. So, entertaining offers for the following figures. I don't want crumpled bubbles and can't pay AFA prices, so if you have something in between those two, shoot me a pm with the figure and description. Pictures are even better. Thanks for looking!

    WTB Vintage Carded:
    - Weequay (Easy I know, but I somehow don't have him)
    - Amanaman
    - Luke Endor FOUND
    - Luke Stormtrooper Disguise
    - Han Solo Carbonite
    - R2-D2 with Pop Up Saber
    - Lando Calrissian with No Teeth (Prefer Empire carded)

    I'm also interested in a carded Yak Face if anyone has one, but lower on my priority given the rarity and cost.

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    Luke Endor on the way - down to six! Please let me know if you have any of these figures for sale. Not concerned about cardback variations - just want one of each vinty figure carded.

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