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    Vintage Toy Podcasts

    They're usually pretty good at promoting their own podcasts, but I haven't seen anything on here so I thought I'd highlight that Galaxy of Toys have recently done 2 vintage related shows focusing first on the figures (debut 20 and 21 backs) and then the vehicles of 1979.

    They always put out an entertaining show, but this time its a particularly good listen for vintage fans. The panels reminisce about the toys with great enthusiasm and interesting personal stories, and by the end of it I was desperate to pick up my old Boba Fett and make him the star of a cantina shootout.

    Also Talking Toys with Taylor & Jeff have recently put out a 2 part special on the Kenner ESB toys as a whole - two 30 somethings who seem to share many of my own thoughts and memories (I was pleased to hear of another Rebel Transport fan out there!)

    Slightly off topic but I'm still loving Star Wars in Character (profiles of less known character and their often silly back stories) and the recent Star Wars Minute (dissecting the original version of the original film 60 seconds at a time).

    Its really fantastic that so many people are prepared to put their enthusiasm and time into producing an array of varied and interesting Star Wars related programmes and they, like the Chive Cast, deserve recognition for meeting a conversational need in people's lives that partners and friends often can't contribute to. All I can do by way of thanks is to publicise and encourage others to support them.

    I listen through Itunes but I presume all are available from the usual places by searching the titles.

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    If you're into vintage GI Joe then Flag Points is wonderful as well as Plaid Stallions' Pod Stallions with Jason and Brian.

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    Thanks for the kind words and reminder. I've been meaning to post about the most recent episodes of Galaxy of Toys. Here's the links.

    Galaxy Of Toys: Star Wars Collector Show Episode 17: Kenner Star Wars Figures 1979

    Galaxy Of Toys: Star Wars Collector Show Episode 18: Kenner Star Wars Vehicles & Playsets 1979
    Galaxy of Toys Podcast A discussion about Star Wars toys of the past, present and future.

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