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Thread: A Significant Micro Grail Addition to Our Collection

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    A Significant Micro Grail Addition to Our Collection

    Josh Blake and I would like to showcase a recent grail addition to both of our collections. What you are looking at represents the earliest stages of the final process for rescaling Micro Collection figures to 1:1 ratio. These boards were used, by the chief engineer, to track the progress of tooling during the creation of the steel molds that would ultimately be used for mass production. The tracking process began with the back row. Each figure is represented (with exception to a few casualties) as unpainted squeezings. These examples allowed for inspection of detail within the molds cavity and are the final sign off samples before phase 2 (zinc casting) occurred. The middle row represents the first zinc “first shots” that were approved before phase 3 (vendor paint masking) took place. Lastly, the front row represents the 1:1 paint master for every Micro Collection character. Nearly all of the painted figures look identical to its production predecessors, but many show early paint variations that are distinctly different from production quality examples. Written in front of each figure is the sign off date that each character, during that given stage, was approved. The engineer had implemented a process known as the P.E.R.T. system, wherein each project within Kenner followed a set of guidelines for streamlining production, while reducing wasted time during preproduction stages. In short, these boards were used to keep production on schedule. This find is one of the most significant Micro Collection finds to have occurred over the last decade and we are both thrilled to showcase it here for everyone to see!

    The Story: As Josh and I began the process of research for the upcoming Micro book, he and I knew we would eventually cross paths with the man who was in charge of the lines development; Jim Golden. Jim is a character, as most of you may have heard on earlier pod cast episodes – namely the story Ron S. told about Virginia Jarvis Brooks. Jim had some enlightening stories involved in the lines development, even though his facts on what he actually worked on was in question. Josh and I did a series of interviews, both on the phone as well as email. The last interview resulted in Jim inviting Josh over to his house to see the infamous boards very few collectors have known about for well over a decade. When Josh arrived, Jim caught him completely off guard by explaining that, since he had no children to pass his legacy on to, he would like to see these boards go to a good home(s). Josh called me immediately and explained what Jim had said and that a deal was agreed on (one dollar + a watermelon down as first payment). We were both beyond excited, but realized that we weren’t at all prepared to drop that kind of cash for something we didn’t know we would be offered. We knew that we would have to go in on the deal together to offset the high dollar purchase – and we did! The end result is, Josh and I determined that we would not cut the boards, but preserve their integrity by leaving them in their original state. We simply determined which boards we each wanted most and the rest is history

    If anyone would like to see them in person Josh will be bring them out to my house for the collectors social - Saturday November 16

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    Now thats a fine looking army! Congrats on the addition Rob and Josh!
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    Fantastic story and pics, and great team work guys, its amazing what gets unearthed these days, really happy for you guys that you worked together and obtained such a historic piece, cheers and good luck on the new book.

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    Hats off for an AMAZING score, guys! That is AWESOME! And you just gotta love any story that involves VJB. I remember many, many years back Rob mentioning one of these as being something he'd love to even see in person one day, and how he hated the thought of them being broken up into individual pieces. Glad to see you guys were finally able to obtain a grail!

    ...And if you ever get sick of looking at the board with the Rebel Commander 692-001 on it, you know who to call.

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    There really isn't a way to express how awesome this really is. Stunning doesn't quite cut it either... Congrats to you both and thanks for sharing the story.
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    Very sweet find guys! Congrats and a big thanks for sharing the fun story behind it! Can't wait for the new micro book...
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    Don't really know what to say other than holy cow. A jaw dropping find. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

    Are the figures actually mounted to those strips? Or just arranged for the photos? If so, how? Are they very fragile? It just seems unbeliveable these are intact after 30+ years!
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    Wow very cool, and a great story!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BayTrooper View Post
    Are the figures actually mounted to those strips? Or just arranged for the photos? If so, how? Are they very fragile? It just seems unbeliveable these are intact after 30+ years!
    The project manager used thick sheets of matte board with strips of double sided 3m tape to adhere the figures. All of the figures are tightly fastened to the boards and the exposed areas of the tape have long lost their tack. This was never meant to be a display piece, but rather a means to track progress as the line was being produced. And, yes, they are extremely fragile! As you might notice some of the figures are either missing or have broken off of their bases.


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    Stunning, wow and amazing are really the only words that I can think of. Even though they don't remotely come close to describing the incredible nature of this find and story!

    And even cooler (if that can even be possible) is that it goes to show how two friends can get together to share an experience like this. And still be able to share it with the community! Just awesome guys! Huge congratulations and thank you!!!!
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