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Thread: Some help please ?

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    Some help please ?

    Hello Scummers !

    Anyone can pm me a bit of help on this would be appreciated!

    Mods - posted this here as it was the only thread I could see mentioning "display" so if it's moved pleased let me know - thanks from a noob :-)


    I imported an Angry Birds San Diego Comic Con set from the USA and I'm looking to have some kind of case or similar made to keep the dust off it so it can be displayed. Any suggestions for places here in the UK to do this without paying a fortune ?

    Thanks in advance for any PMs :-)

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    Christian from GW Acrylics will be able to help you out

    You will also be able to contact him here and on SWFUK as he is a member on both.

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    Thanks mate but he doesn't do stuff that large apparently

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    Have you contacted CGA ( cases? I have had them make custom cases for me before. Also, I know at one time cloud city collectibles would make cases but I don't know if they still do.

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