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Thread: Hot Toys - Thor The Dark World

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    Hot Toys - Thor The Dark World

    Just announced & prebooking over at BBTS & SSC...Thor in light Asgardian armor.

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    BBTS sold out....jeez.

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    Sideshow should still mistake on announcement...the light Asgardian armor version is a SSC exclusive, plus the basic Thor 2 costume. So there are actually 2!

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    Im passing on this as have the Avengers Thor. The wife on the other hand has gone for the SSC exclusive....something to do with his muscles showing????
    Please PM me if you are attending a show that has any Goonies guests or Cirroc Lofton. I will pay extra per autograph.

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    This is a great opp. for those who missed the Avengers Thor or simply couldn't afford him. I'm guessing another Loki & the Dark Elves may well be on the horizon, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedisquared View Post
    This is a great opp. for those who missed the Avengers Thor or simply couldn't afford him.
    Totally. When they came out, I decided only to get Iron Man and Hulk, but have since gotten Black Widow since I liked her look in Avengers way more than in Winter Soldier. I totally missed out on Thor, but actually like this version more. Hopefully they offer the revamped First Avenger suit in the Captain America 2 line, as I want something that's iconic and says "Captain America" rather than SHIELD agent. Not complaining about the movie aesthetics or anything, just talking about what I'm displaying.

    And with Thor, the sleeveless one was kinda tempting since it's closer to the comic look, and for some reason it almost makes him look more powerful. Maybe because it's really his arms, and not possibly padded sleeves?

    Also, BBTS has the sleeveless one up for preorder, for $50 more than Sideshow.

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    Both look pretty good but I'm going to stick the the Avengers version.

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    Both versions sold out at BBTS...didn't take long.

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    That's kinda amazing. The preorder for most of the Avengers figures seemed to take quite a bit longer.

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    This is the reason why I skipped all the avengers except iron man because they'll release them again and again. I'll wait for avengers 2 Thor probably.

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