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Thread: WTB/ Trade for Asajj Ventress Premium Format

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    WTB/ Trade for Asajj Ventress Premium Format

    I'm new here but hear me out. We can work out an arrangement your comfortable with just let me know if you're interested.

    Anywho... Its a very special piece to me. I'm an OT lover so forgive me but Asajj is my favorite Star Wars character of all time. (Via comics and novels this animated crap is a disservice to the character)

    I first saw it a few years ago when it first came out and I wanted it horribly. Only recently have I been able to afford to start collecting Premium Formats as a hobby and she's impossible to find at a reasonable price. It's a dream of mine to own her, has been for a few years.

    I'm hoping someone is selling her. Also I guess I'm sharing this because I'm hoping someone will maybe realize that while they like her she doesn't mean much to them and maybe they could put the money towards something they do love and know she's somewhere where she's appreciated.

    Feel free to let me know how much you want for her or if I can interest you in a trade for an Obi-Wan PF.

    Thanks for everyone's time!
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