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Thread: FS: Telescoping Obi Wan Kenobi AFA Archival 80 (SOLD)

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    FS: Telescoping Obi Wan Kenobi AFA Archival 80 (SOLD)

    I've come down in price for selling this figure. Was asking $8500.00 but have reduced price to $7200.00. We all know this is a rare piece and would make a great addition to anyones collection. Selling due to others star wars collections that I'm thinking of purchasing,(lots of 21 backs and potf ).Serious offers considered,but pretty firm on price. Photos are in my gallery,can't post with my thread for some reason. Thanks.

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    For such a piece from a newbie, various pics are essential. I'm sure if you try harder, you can manage it
    Look forward to seeing them.


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    Sorry for the non-transactional but doesn't a FS thread already exist for this item?!
    BONSAI'S BIG COLLECTION...of little figures July 2016 UPDATE! Vintage Price Guide

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    Well gentlemen and ladies,today was the day! Sold 1977 AFA Archival Telescoping Lightsaber Obi Wan Kenobi 80.Sold to Chad in Colorado for $7000.00. I'm glad this is going to a collector who can appreciate its rarity,and awesomeness. Thank god for no fFeebay fees,just the other half,PayPal. Thanks to the real offers out there, and soon I'll be sending my DT Darth Vader to have that graded also,this was found in same lot as DT Obi Wan Kenobi. Thanks to all.Peace!

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