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Thread: Star Wars/Wheel of Time Diorama and Dio Closet!!!!

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    Star Wars/Wheel of Time Diorama and Dio Closet!!!!

    Here's my addition to the world of fan fiction. Hope you enjoy.

    This is a Star Wars/Wheel of Time Crossover battle diorama. It's set during the period of the Galactic Empire. The mercenaries are my Star Wars version of the "Band of the Red Hand," who are fighting alongside the rebels. Here is a video about my latest diorama and my diorama closet:

    P.S. The video is kind of dark starting out but gets better right around 2:00


    This is the band of the red hand. I thought it would be cool if the mercenaries wore "vintage" armor. Cad Bane is playing the role of Matrim Cauthon, who in the story wears a wide brimmed hat, a scarf to cover his wounds, and carries an ashandari (which I guess is kind of like a staff with a large blade on one end). The ashandari here is a vibroaxe.

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    This is so cool dio.
    My collection
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    Ok so I'm now gonna sound like the biggest of all newbies here, but WTF is a Dio Closet

    I'm a freelance writer/author/music journo so "Dio" to me is this guy \nn/ R.I.P.

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    Love the planetary backdrop painting! Great moody lighting too
    Please read my version of the Star Wars prequels and let me know what you think!

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    Dio is short for Diorama.
    Too cool for schoolers call it a "dio".
    However, I am a huge fan of Ronnie James Dio...Like a Rainbow in the Dark!!!

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