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Thread: Half the Battle : The GIJoe review show

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    New episode is up ! We take a look at the 2003 Swamp Viper, and the strange thing that happened afterwards.

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    New episode is up ! In this special we take a look at some of the weirdest stuff in my collection !

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    New episode is up ! Today, we take a look at the Cobra Viper Pit box set from 2006 !

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    New episode is up ! We take a look at issue 50 of the comic : The Battle of Springfield !

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    Timmer, I just wanted to take a second to say thanks. I saw you post one of these updates (think it was the weirdest stuff one back in February) and I have been hooked. Your videos are very neat with humor and info mixed in just right for my taste. I have been steadily watching them for a few weeks as they come up in my YouTube feed and even just put on your playlist while at work today and watched a ton of them during my slow time.

    I grew up with the ARAH line but sadly sold all of my Joe's back in the late 90's. Had all of them from the early 80s to then and now I miss them and may try to require them.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know this thread does reach people even when they don't respond. I am a fan thanks to this thread. I also understand your feelings towards the orange and neons of some of the 90s figures, and remember thinking some of the same thoughts you expressed about those ninja force figures and their lack of stealth (they were always killed quickly during play back then).

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    Thanks for the kind works ! I try to keep threads going on several forums to pick up new viewers, glad to know it's working !

    Anyway, new episode ! We ask the question if a GI Joe/Die Hard crossover could work !

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    New episode ! We take a look at the cartoon episode "An Eye for an Eye" !

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