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Thread: Rocket_Back's Trade List - Haves/Wants with pics

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    Rocket_Back's Trade List - Haves/Wants with pics

    Here's what I've got available for trade. If you see something you want but you don't have anything on my wants list, send me a link to your list and maybe we can still make a deal. I might also be willing to sell rather than trade.


    Disney BAD Parts
    Legacy Defense of Hoth Battle Pack
    Legacy FX-6
    Legacy K'Kruhk
    Legacy TFU Shaak-Ti
    Legacy Coleman Trebor (Arena 2 Pack)
    Legacy Sarlaac Pit Monster
    TAC Tri-Droid
    TAC 501st Exclusive R2-KT
    SAGA2 Lucas Family Set
    SAGA2 Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter with Dragonsnake
    ROTS R4-P17
    ROTS Wookiee Heavy Gunner
    ROTS Boga
    POTC Rabe
    SAGA Yoda and Chian
    SAGA Ashla and Jempa
    SAGA Lamu Su
    SAGA Ayy Vida
    SAGA Obi-Wan (Outlander Nightclub)
    SAGA Death Star Trash Compactor Set 1
    SAGA Death Star Trash Compactor Set 2
    POTF2 Bantha

    Also interested in vintage Kenner pieces.
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    Hi there. PM sent! Give me a shout back when you have a moment.
    WANTS: VC21 Gamorrean Guards, VC105 Emperor's Royal Guard, TAC/TLC BFII Clone Engineers
    My Clone Armies:
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