LPC Long Picture Card) variants were only available in Germany as a very limited run and were released there in place of Freeze Frames
There are a total of 9 figures in a complete set of LPC figures -THIS LISTING IS FOR THE COMPLETE SET
2 of the LPC figures were quite common to this set back then (Luke and Ackbar) and therefore still are [in comparison, relatively] but all of the others are now very hard to find. Bespin Luke [and ackbar to a lesser extent] was available in Uk and Germany but the others were only ever released in Germany and found their way to England through small independent importers.
The hardest of all was to find was/is a Weequay [of course], the opinion of some collectors is that a German LPC Weequay is as collectibleas a US/Canadian carded Freeze Frame Weequay [as we know its ALL to do with PACKAGING/CONDITION- a POTF2 FF Weequay out of its packaging is WORTHLESS!].
In my experience as a collector, i have see the FF Weequay more frequently on worldwide ebay [and I have owned 2] than the LPC Weequay [I have only ever owned 1]. The other very rare LPC's are the Snowtrooper, Royal guard ,Ewoks 2 pack and Endor Rebel Soldier, and the full set is completed by Han Bespin, Grand Moff Tarkin, Admiral Ackbar, and Luke (there are 2 variants of Luke one with a lighter hand ,one with a darker hand, im not sure which one is in this set but i suspect its the darker hand variant). I have provided links to some past and present examples of LPC from the international Ebay so you can gauge rarity and price range for yourself and get some idea of just how difficult [and expensive] it is today to put a MOC set together.

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