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Thread: Swautograph ricc help

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    Swautograph ricc help

    Hi everyone,

    First off, thank you to everyone who has contacted me regarding help for RICC. It is going to be a great show, Steve has assembled a killer SW line up and I am looking forward to attending. At this time I am no longer accepting and more items for the show. If you have already contacted me and I said I would help you then you are all set.

    My RS mailbox is full and I'm not going to be around much until Sunday night. Here's what I'd like you to do. Please help me to help you.

    Please contact me through my website or the SWAC Facebook page, but PLEASE only chose one. Do not send me a PM on the FB page and an email through my website. I will get messages from both avenues equally as fast.

    If you still need my paypal address/ mailing address please send me a message asap. In any correspondence please include your real name, address, RS name etc to make it easier for me to identify each package as it arrives. Ideally all packages should be leaving your homes by tomorrow to get to me in time for the show. Also all payments should be getting into me by Monday. Thanks to everyone who has already sent their money.

    That's about it. May the Force be with you.


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    On its way this afternoon! Thanks again, Frank.

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    Hey Frank I just sent you the money for my order. Also can you pm me and let me know how much help was so i can send it to you as well.

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    Frank I have tried to get in touch with you and haven't heard back from you.
    Please let me know something.
    Oh maaaan that was my dinner.
    No,No,No this suckers electrical.

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    Thanks for helping with this show, I can't wait to see how my photo turned out!

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    Frank's facebook photos from the show are fantastic. Check them out, if you have a moment! Thanks again, Frank. Deeply appreciated.

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    Man I can't wait to see my pics! Thanks Frank you are the best!

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    Hey Feank haven't heard anything from you. Waiting for ya to let me know how the con went and when you're gonna send my posters back. Hope everything is good. Thanks

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