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Thread: Kodofett cases?

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    Kodofett cases?

    Hey everyone,
    So is John just completely unreachable? I have called him about 15 times and I haven't been able to get through to him. Does anyone have his email address? It doesn't seem to be on his website anymore...or well I can't find it anyways.
    Anyone know if he has a new number?

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    His website *is* up....

    Kodofett Cases

    John does phenomenal work but can be a bit flakey to deal with.... patience and persistence are the operative words when dealing with him...
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    Try True Cut Designs use google they are easy to find, good communication.

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    whats John's email address?
    It isn't on his website anymore...

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    Calling doesnt work....ive left him literally 15 voicemails and texted him. I think he changed his number? Oh and yeah...can't find his email address on his website anymore. The bottom right hand corner doesnt give me the option to email him like it used to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Accept View Post + writing + calling + texting + leaving messages = 0.00 reaction
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    I have tried multiple times to get in touch with him but after 6 months I have given up!!

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    All I can say is good luck with this guy. He did some work for me over a year ago. I ordered 2 custom cases for three lightsabers each. First off I want to preface this with he did an amazing job. The quality was top notch they were shipped with care and nothing was broken or cracked. If you can actually get a hold of this guy it's well worth the hassle (kind of) but he is impossible to get in contact with. Once he took my orderand money I never heard from him again. The first case arrived about a month after I paid and was told it would arrive. The second came close to a month after that. I never though I would receive the second one. I had called dozens of times, left countless emails and even sent him a letter from my attorney about the unreceived case and the threat of taking him to court in hopes I would get some response. Still nothing but then one day wala! A large box was at my door with the final case. I even tried to get a hold of him after that and express my pleasure with his work and to thank him but nothing. It's too bad, if this guy would get it together he would have a lot of business. If anyone can get a case from him you won't be disappointed. It's great quality and IMO a great price. Hopefully hes ok! You never know what might have happened to him. He was a real nice guy. Good luck everyone.
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