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Thread: Meccanno Luke farmboy saber

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    Meccanno Luke farmboy saber

    Just wondering if anyone can help. Is there anything specific about the Mecanno saber as opposed to other Luke farmboy sabres. Did genuine Mecanno sabres ever have letters etc.? Are they all blank.? Is there a specific 'Meccano' saber? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
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    Hi mate, I always thought the Meccano Luke Farmboy came with a saber specific to it. I've also previously seen sale ads that note the figure comes with a genuine meccano saber. Might just be me but the tip doesn't often seem to be still attached.

    Unfortunately I have no idea exactly how to identify a Meccano saber but I'm sure someone will be able to help with that.

    You've got me interested now too....
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    This will help...

    Both my Meccano lukes (one which is now yours) have a V4, smooth with rounded end...

    Wanted: Nothing!

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    Hi Jeff,
    My 2 Meccano Lukes came with what look like V4 on TIG but with a thinner tip, I bought them both loose so they could have been swapped out, I am not really sure.

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    Hope this helps,

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    Appreciate the help guys. Yeah Stefan, delighted with my latest addition! Was just wondering what saber might complete it etc. Thanks for your help again

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