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Thread: Opinions on this 12 back Luke?

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    Opinions on this 12 back Luke?

    Hey all, would appreciate any feedback on these pictures- it looks like it's got the waffle pattern around the edges- but the attached part of the bubble appears a bit smaller than most of the others I've seen. Any input would be appreciated!

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    Nevermind, just asked for another picture and this is what I got- not even the same figure

    Also just noticed the discolored torso in the first picture vs. the white in the rest of them...
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    Like you mentioned...this is not the same figure. The second picture is a bit suspect....almost like a girl with an adam's apple. Stay away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_roscoe View Post
    I am going to post in a new thread to bring this one together, but the same guy tried to scam me with some Solo 12 backs. Very shady.

    Where is the listing from??? LOL. Is this the same guy with the Rocket Fett?
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    It was from a guy here- new user, crazy4vintage. He had a 12 back Han earlier that someone scooped up early on- I had PM'd him about it and he mentioned this for sale as well, sent me the pictures- He photoshopped (rather poorly) his information into one to 'convince me' - unfortunately none of the google'd pictures matched up. Luckily was able to talk to darth who bought Han here and had him ask some more questions- turns out he was about to be scammed. Luckily he hadn't sent payment yet.

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    1977 Vintage Kenner Star Wars 12 Back Luke Skywalker SEALED | eBay

    Pictures 1 and 2 (which looked very familiar to me) were taken from the recent sale in the link above. Picture 2 looks as if it was cropped and copied onto another background. If you look closely at picture 2, you will see the edges look saw-toothed. Pretty indicative of a crop job in "Paint" application on one's computer. Hope this helps.

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