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Thread: ID help - Rebo band black mics and silver flute

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    ID help - Rebo band black mics and silver flute

    Hello all, I wondered if you could take a look at these items? They are the rarer variant Rebo Band eqpt items, with black mic stands rather than silver, and then a silver flute.

    I had no reason when I bought them to think they were repro but have since heard that repro versions may exist and seeing as I don't have another black mic set to compare against i'd appreciate like a second opinion on these? I've currently got them on Ebay but will pull the listing if someone can ID them as repro.

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    Here's a good shot I took of both versions of the flute to compare yours to.

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    It is hard to tell from you pictures but they look real. The rebo band came with two different versions and this was indeed one of them. Cool set brotha!!!
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    I can only tell you that there is Repros out there of the black Mics.

    In your picture these look to dull....but it relly cant be said for sure. Can you do another pciture?

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    How do I know? Because I bought these from you previously and returned them as repro. You have now listed them again as '100% vintage original, no repro!' and only started this thread as I pulled you up on it again last night on your latest auction.

    I have attached some more photos which I took after buying them with a comparison to a black flute set I own. Having never owned a set like this before, my intention was to start a thread similar to this for people's thoughts but I became certain these were repro based on the quality and feel of them.

    Why do I think these are repro?

    1. The flute is grey not silver
    2. The flute has a big mould line and loss of colour which I am sure would never be sent out with a production figure
    3. The flute does not have the little thumb hold
    4. The mic stands feel brittle and are matt black not with a gloss (my first impression was that they were silver ones painted black actually but the mould looked different)

    Shoot me down if I am wrong but I believe I am correct.

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    Picture is fakes. My repros are matt black, feel brittle, flute thumb hold has broken off....

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    Regarding Bobskins pictures, I agree so....they look Repro. Poor molding and much too dull. the flute is repro 100% too IMO.

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    Here's some photos I uploaded to TIG early this year covering several Max Rebo band variants.

    I hope they help?

    Max Rebo Variants
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    Thanks for the opinions. I've pulled these little chaps off Ebay, and Bobskins I do welcome your comments and they actually carry more weight as a forum member (far as I knew before you were just a random Ebayer, and I've encountered more than a few crazies over the years to take Ebay comms with a degree of scepticism. For example I got a message last night 'sell your collection to me. how much you sell?'... still not sure how to respond to that one!)
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