I am in contact with a guy who is willing to sell his vintage Obi saber (all authentic pieces except the emitter). But he's not going to split up the parts. My idea was if we can gather enough people to buy the saber in one deal we could split up the parts individually. If you're interested, pm me and I'll send u pictures of the saber. Also pm me your price which are u willing to pay. As I have to make the owner a fair offer.
I already have contacted two people who I know they need a handwheel and a grenade. So I think these will be spoken for very fast. I would be in for the booster.

So we would have available:
-complete british rifle grenade 800$
-Graflex clamp plus transistors, spacer and bubble strip 200$
-correct vintage AS handwheel 300$ (rechromed if the taker wants it)
-Emitter replica 100$