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Thread: A few simple customs

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    A few simple customs

    Here are a few basic modifications I've slapped together over the last few weeks:

    First up, a VOTC Tusken Raider with ball jointed hips. I boiled and popped the Raider and a TVC Quinlan Vos, than used a razor saw to cut off both figures' waist pegs. Next, I transplanted the Tusken peg onto the Vos pelvis using a #2 sheet metal screw (from the local R/C hobby shop) with the head removed. The last step was to boil and pop the Raider shins and feet onto the Vos thighs.

    I haven't [yet] painted the Vos thighs because they're completely covered by the soft goods. If I become incredibly bored at some point I may tackle it. In the meantime, here's a shocking NSFW upskirt shot.

    Next on the menu are these two cantina clowns.

    Not a lot to say about these two... The spacer is a Saga Bossk with TVC B-wing gloves, TVC Stormtrooper head (dremeled to fit), and boots transplanted from a POTJ Imperial officer. The boots were the only tricky part, because I had to find feet that were angled to match Bossk's wide stance. I used cut off #2 screws again because I don't think any glue would hold up as well.

    The Corellian pirate, well, everyone already knows the parts here. The only tricky part was matching the shade of paint on the Ceremony Luke neck to Willrow's head and hands. After a couple of tries, I found that a 50/50 mix of Michael's craft store "Brown" and "Cocoa" was dead-on.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Very neatly done! Do the B-Wing gloves go right on the Bossk forearms, or is some work required on them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beedo View Post
    Very neatly done! Do the B-Wing gloves go right on the Bossk forearms, or is some work required on them?
    Thanks. I know they've been done to death, but I'm happy with them. I trimmed the tips of the Bossk forearm pegs to allow the gloves to slide all the way up to the forearm. It probably would have been just as easy to drill the glove holes deeper. No noticeable effect from trimming, though.
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    Nice work, glad to see those boots worked out for ya!

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    Great work, especially like the Tusken. I need to try that.

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    I picked up the TRU Geonosis Jedi packs during the BOGOHO sale a few weeks back, but I didn't know about the mismatched hands debacle. I finally got around to fixing them up a little. In addition to swapping out and painting the hands, I used some 2000-grit wet-or-dry sandpaper to remove excess casting flash from the jawlines of the female Jedis, and did some major touch-up to the Asian Jedi's hairline.

    I know the hair's still not perfect, but you should have seen it before...

    For the next bit, full credit to DarthJace for his idea to use the ROTS Palpatine legs to improve the K-Mart Imperial officer ( I made a couple of small tweaks, and am fairly pleased with the result.

    1. First, I used some 1000/1500/2500 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper (left over from a taillight restoration I did a few months ago) to remove the sculpted details from the Palpatine boots. The details are raised, so they're fairly easy to remove; however, there were a few lines below the surface that took a bit more effort. A piece of 3/8" basswood made a perfect sanding block, and some masking tape above the boots protected the legs from any sandpaper slips. Coarser paper might have made the job faster, but the fine grit is safer -- I'd have to make a serious effort to screw something up. As an aside, this was the first time I've ever used Testor's acrylic. I found it much easier to work with than Tamiya's stuff. YMMV.

    2. The Palpatine legs plug into the officer's pelvis perfectly, but you're left with a fairly large crotch gap. Really no worse than TVC Tarkin or the comic pack Sunber, but it still bugged me. After sifting through my parts bin I noticed the pelvis from the TAC Smuggler Han figure would also fit, and was about 1/8" narrower. I used 600 grit paper on a rubber block to taper Han's pelvis at the top (basically enough to remove the belt details) to avoid stretching out the lower tunic, gave it a coat of semi-gloss black, and popped everything back together.

    3. I swapped out the hands for the LC TPM Obi-Wan hands for several reasons: First, the cupped fingers (with no angled-down wrists or extended trigger fingers) reduce the monkey-arm effect. Second, I was able to order six of the Obi-Wans from China for $10 shipped. When the other Obi-Wans arrive, I'll set up an "assembly line" to give all the hands a lighter skin tone drybrush and paint the small silver semicircles under the rank badges semi-gloss black. Some of the belt buckles could use a little touch-up, too.

    Here's a comparison between the stock (on the left) and Smuggler Han pelvises.

    Proportion-wise, the figure fits in well with other Imperials, despite a serious lack of jodhpurs.

    Presenting every Staff NCO's worst nightmare -- A gaggle of lieutenants. Keep them away from the maps and compasses.

    And just because I hate wasting otherwise good bits and pieces, I dremeled out one of the TAC Hans and made this from an extra Target three-pack Han.

    Thanks for looking, and as always, my apologies for the crummy photography.
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    Great stuff!

    Wait . . . has there been ANOTHER wave of Geonoisis 2-Packs released?
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    Neat! Well, I missed those, then.
    "...cross me, and you'll soon discover that under this playful, boyish exterior beats the heart of a ruthless, sadistic maniac."
    -Lord Edmund Blackadder II

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    I finally had enough of my TVC Y-wing's collapsing rear landing gear so I opened it up to take a look. The shafts connecting the control lever to the rear struts were too flimsy and warped to stay on the cog tracks, so I rigged up some replacements. "Fabrication" required some 3/16" aluminum tubing, brass scraps, sheet metal screws, and moderate swearing.

    I also lined the inside of the control lever slide with two thin strips of moleskin to take out the extra slop. The fighter no longer collapses under its own weight, and the gear lowering/raising is nice and smooth. Eventually I'll tap threads in the tubing and replace the screws with machine screws, largely due to my inability to leave well enough alone.

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