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    Ewoks stuff

    Since I stepped back on collecting SW figures, but stil being interrested in some, I completly lost track. I might start collecting Ewoks, so if anyonecan give me an actual list of non vintage stuff, that would help me a lot.
    I already did a search through the archives and came up to 18 figures starting with SAGA Chief Chirpa

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    Sure, Scooby--here you go (not counting repacks):

    -Wicket+Logray 2-pack
    -Endor Complete Galaxy (Glider Ewok)

    -AT-ST with Paploo+Speederbike

    Star Wars Saga (2002-2004):
    -Ewok with Attack Glider ("Ultra" figure)

    Saga Collection (2006):
    -Chief Chirpa

    30th Anniversary Collection (TAC):
    -Romba+Graak 2-pack
    -Target Ultimate Battle Pack "The Battle of Endor" with Oochee + Widdle (though it says "Wicket W. Warrick" on the package)

    Legacy Collection:
    -Leektar+Nippet 2-pack-Nho’Apakk + Paploo 2-pack
    -Walmart Exclusive Comic Pack with Machook, Keoulkeech, +Kettch
    -Battle for Endor Battle Pack w/ Warok

    Star Tours:
    -2010 Disney Exclusive Star Tours Boarding Party with Kaink (and Teek)

    The Vintage Collection:
    -2012 K-Mart exclusive Ewok Scouts 2-pack with Widdle (new sculpt) + Wunka

    Movie Heroes 2012:
    -Toys R Us exclusive Ewok Multipack with Flitchee, Teebo, Kneesaa, Nanta, Tippet

    2013 Vintage Collection Exclusive:
    -Kmart Ewok Assault Catapault with Stemzee+Chubbray

    So, from the Saga Collection Chief Chirpa to 2013's Kmart Exclusive, 25 different Ewoks (not counting the 1st Widdle figure in the Target Ultimate Battle Pack, which is just a repaint of the POTF2 Wicket).

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