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Thread: Ree-Yees - #28

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    Ree-Yees - #28

    It's been confirmed we'll finally be seeing Ree-Yees in the basic 3inch line in the near future.

    Thoughts on this news?

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    A downright shame he won't be on a vintage card though....however it'll be nice to get an update to this guy.
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    Another POTF2 relic that was in dire need of an overhaul. Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian_Slade View Post
    A downright shame he won't be on a vintage card though....however it'll be nice to get an update to this guy.
    Agreed, was holding out on not buying the POTF2 version in hope of this.
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    Ree-Yees was one of the better POTF2 figures that I think they could have skipped upgrading if they wanted to, but I'm happy to get a new version because I like the character a lot. There are other candidates that need the treatment more (Yakface comes to mind immediately), but I wouldn't pass him up. Bib Fortuna's kind of the same to me. I like the 2006 version okay, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't love an overhaul with softgoods and more articulation.
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    About time we get a new Ree Yees. I was about to make my own custom Ree Yees by using the body of the previous Vintage Collection Weequay skiff master figure and borrow the rifle and head of Ask Ak from the Revenge of the Sith series

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    Dear God I hope this is a wave where we see BOTH Ree Yees and Saelt Marea. Yak Face is one of (IMO) the figures that most needs an upgrade. I mean, the man's a legend!
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    baby steps first. I want the new Ree yees in stores first before even seeing Joe Camel Jr

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    Good news - I look forward to Ree-Yees' reveal.

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    Little buzz: one down and one that coming later!!! But yet their another....stay tune!
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