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Thread: Lili Ledy Question

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    Lili Ledy Question

    I have seen some figures with both the Kenner Logo and the Ledy logo, but both were made in Mexico, why the difference in logo's and the cardback if there all Ledy figures. Were they made in different factories?

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    Both are LL figures, some with LL accesories, LL produced some figures for be packed in Kenner cards and for sale in the states, ( Paploo, Lumat, Logray, Gamorrean Guard, Nien Nunb, Darth Vader, Ree Yees, Squid Head, Klaatu,Chirpa,Biker Scout and Yoda)
    BTW. All Lumats and Paploos are LL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiejames View Post
    & Lando

    Sorry i forget it

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    Interesting, thanks. So I guess the only LL figures not on kenner cards was Bib, Jawa, Fett, Erg? Did I miss any?

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