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Thread: Avengers Assembled! Movie style

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    Avengers Assembled! Movie style

    Here are some of my customs from the Avengers movie.

    Loki under guard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediKnutt View Post

    Loki under guard.

    What troops are these you're using? Just standard COBRA troops repainted?

    Also, one suggestion to make them look a little less "generic" or "uniform", take a couple of the guards and have them carrying their rifles left handed. At the very least, the two guys on the right of the formation (photo left) should. I don't recall what they did on screen, but from a former soldier, I can say that elite troops would have left- or ambidextrous-shooters on that side. The reason is if they had to drop down and return fire, they wouldn't have to twist all around to train their rifles that way. Left-handed means they're ready to hit the ground and fire to the right side. And if I were on the movie set, I'd have told them the same thing!

    That might be more backstory/detail than you cared to have, but all that aside, I think it would just make a more balanced visual for this formation.
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    POC Cobra Troopers, cast Shock Trooper vests. The helmets are cast from Mouse/Flint from the Retaliation line. Their weapon positioning is straight from the brief shot in the movie. Thanks for the feedback. I need better pics of the Avengers, but I was in a hurry.
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