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Thread: Luke Farmboy collection

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    Luke Farmboy collection

    Here's a few shots of my small Luke Farmboy collection. I have a few more pieces on the way. Have it set up with SW on the top shelf, then ESB, then ROTJ. I have updated the set up to 4 shelves now, with a little foreign collection on tge bottom shelf. Looking to add some new foreign card backs. My favourites are the Tri logo Gunner card and the Clipper 12 Back card.

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    Apologies for the photo sizes, I think the can be clicked on to enlarge. First time uploading pics on here!!

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    Jeff, That's a great focus collection - I particularly like the Clipper 12 back card never seen one of those before so thanks for sharing (the Palitoy Death Star base makes a great backdrop to the collection too!)
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    Dub, those are some glorious pieces. The farm boy Luke, to me, really represents the "high" in SW collecting.

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    Here's a popy figure I picked up recently, ESB display shelf aswell

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    Thanks for the comments, appreciate it...

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    Sweet run Jeff. You put this together in great time. I take it you gave up on the AT-AT Commander.
    Some where in the Outer Rim Territories...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant View Post
    Sweet run Jeff. You put this together in great time. I take it you gave up on the AT-AT Commander.
    Yeah mate, knocked that on the head. Then went on a bit of a run collecting the first 21 figures on card. Here's a shot of the figures i put together. 2 figures missing from the photo.

    Sold up pretty much everything recently to take up the luke farmboy focus

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    Nice collection!! Some great looking pieces!
    WTB: Star Wars and ESB foreign 12" in original boxes & Foreign Trading Cards/Stickers
    Cheers, Rob

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    Great limelight! Thanks for sharing. I've seen surprisingly few Luke farmboy focuses.

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