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Thread: OT - Tenkai Knights

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    OT - Tenkai Knights

    Just saw these at TRU. They are 2x4 bricks that transform into minifigures. Then you add the armor/weapon pieces and you get one heck of a minifigure. They also come with extra pieces for further customizing. The only drawback? The price. The pack of 3 figures was $17.99. They also have buildable sets, but I passed on those not knowing if I was going to like the figures. I'll be picking those up in the near future.

    Looking to buy or trade for GI Joe Kreo Cobra army builders. Please PM if you can help me out.

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    Wow. That's weird. I'll have to check these out sometime in the store.
    -Your friendly neighborhood Stormtrooper Would like to trade 90s comic cards. Please PM me if you have any. I will be adding a list to my BST thread when I am done going through them all, finding what I'm missing, and finding what I have to trade.
    Looking to buy my first Sideshow figure. Help me out why don't ya? B/S/T Thread

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