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Thread: Holy 11x14 Alec Guinness Batman!

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    Holy 11x14 Alec Guinness Batman!

    Found this gem listed on ebay. Unfortunately, it's in the hands of someone who I believe was involved with a lot of the unsavory moser business. Still thought I'd share! Anyone know how many are known to be out there?

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    I saw that! $2500...Phew.

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    First 11x14 I've seen. While I'm sure it's not the only one out there, I doubt there are many.

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    Yeah, That's Guardian Jedi Knight Anthony G's (tony J, whatever name he went by at that moment) piece. Again, its a hard spot. It looks real, but the guy selling it really was an unsavory scummy dude who I would never trust...And he wants like FULL FULL over the top retail. Its just hard to justify giving it to the guy knowing who he is and what he has done.
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    according to his ebay account his name is Joe Blake now James :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by starwarsnerd View Post
    according to his ebay account his name is Joe Blake now James :p
    Yep that's TJ he unloaded all his fake Fords either here or ebay.

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    So Joe Blake sold fake Fords from Moser, and is this a fake from Moser too? Or is it legit?

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    I don't recall Moser ever forging any Guinesses. Mostly Fords, McQuarrie, Hamill, and a few Mayhews near the end. The Guiness looks good to me. It all comes down to if you want to knowingly hand your $ over to a scumbag, thereby supporting his actions.

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    It's real, its just its in Tony's hand so its basically dead to me. I wouldnt buy it on principle alone. I would feel dirty showing it off.
    "ok...ill sign an autograph..." -Mark Hamill

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    I like the way you think, zhamlau.

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