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Thread: WTTF: Villains 3 Pack (Storm Trooper, Vader & DSC)

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    WTTF: Villains 3 Pack (Storm Trooper, Vader & DSC)

    Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to pick up a nice example of my favorite star wars piece that I've just never been able to get a hold of....

    Villains 3 pack with Vader, Stormy & DSC.

    I have a full 12 back set (no I'm not willing to trade the whole set) but these are nice pieces and I'd be interested in a trade. All are ungraded c8 or better with exception of Leia & R2 (Dented bubbles)

    I'm also willing to bring cash to the table if needed.

    Not sure if anyone is interested in the trade but figured I'd throw it out there.


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