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Thread: Garage sale find!

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    Garage sale find!

    This never happens to me, and nothing but a rag-tag bunch of beaters, but for a whole $5 i was totally giving these guys a loving home

    when he opened the bag you always think "come on blue snag, vc jawa, or POTF figures" lol

    always great to find vintage in the wild
    *Pray. For. Mo-Jo.*

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    It happened to me once only. I'm on a plane going to Celebration 5. Woman sitting next to me gets chatting. Her 7 year old son is with her. They are going to C5 as well and he has a big bag of loose vintage figures that his dad gave him. I start rooting around and there's a Blue snag. Not great, but good enough to go in my collection. I offer mom and kid $50, they discuss it and take it. I told them it was worth $100, but they were happy for the kid to have $50 right there. Otherwise, yes, dreaming of the day when I pull up at yard sale, stick my hand in a bucket and up pop a hand full of DTs.

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    a rarity these days people just look on the net too find how much vintage starwars is worth. so indeed great too find vintage in the wild and at $5 bargain! i found a r2d2 solid top for 4 in mint condition at a carboot similar too a giant garage sale! r2 had a vibrant blue on the dome and was very shiney! sticker was only a tiny bit grubby

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    Oh Bossk! Would you lighten up and just have fun like everyone else!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brodog View Post
    Oh Bossk! Would you lighten up and just have fun like everyone else!!
    he tried, but all that bounty hunting has made his limbs a little loose
    *Pray. For. Mo-Jo.*

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    Love the pose on all the
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    Nice score, it's always fun to find vintage figures in the "real world"!
    Wanted: Jawa sample proofs,a textured cape Leia, and any Boushh proofs. I'm also currently looking for a 21 ESB back Leia Organa proof. I have cash and many great trade items!
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    this one brings back memories,,, back in the days... Well, not that long ago , but before everything was on the internet and so (think 1995..)
    advertising in small local papers, putting up notes in supermarkets and so... visiting people at their houses and that few seconds when you walked in and saw a first glimpse on what could become yours...

    once you were lucky, the others days you just wasted your gasoline or time. But still, the excitment alone maked it so worth everytime,,

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