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Thread: FS/FT: Aliens,Predator,Alien vs Predator Terminator etc

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    FS/FT: Aliens,Predator,Alien vs Predator Terminator etc

    For Sale large collection of McFarlane and Neca Aliens Predator AVP Terminator etc for sale or trade. Please contact me for prices. 50+ Movie Maniacs Neca SciFi etc. For sale or trade for night vision thermal imaging ( alot of people buy this gear n never get a chance to use it.....let it do some good)tactical gear ammo weapons....only legal by legal means. ATV or UTV etc...I research Wildlife as an Amateur Crytozoologist for 6+ years. Looking for money to purchase or to trade for equipment. I research only and will not by anymeans harm or allowed to be harmed Sasquatch i research. AAany weapons is frfor self defensen. Ian disabled Vet with mobility issues so running is out of the question as a defense. As for the figures I would be happy to send a list or pictures until I can update this posting....1200 obo or trade takes them all....Thanks Squirl
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