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Thread: Need information on vintage-era wanted posters

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    Question Need information on vintage-era wanted posters

    In an effort to continue fixing up a 1967 Ford Mustang coupe for my daughter (head rests and 3-point seatbelts for safety are next on my list), I am considering parting with some items from my Star Wars collection. As you can probably imagine, it is no easy task (nostalgia galore!), but I think I can manage. To this end, I am looking for any additional details, confirmation/correction, and/or valuation information on these posters:

    They measure approximately 11"x17" (double an 8x11" page) and are printed on a construction paper type material. I believe them to be bootleg/unlicensed merchandise primarily due to the lack of register, copyright, or trademarks, although the Indiana Jones poster does have a Paramount Pictures copyright mark.

    From what little information I have been able to find on the web, they were sold through catalogs and magazine ads by a company called Star Trek Galore or Intergalactic Trading Co. (both were in Longwood, FL at different street addresses, but in the same neighborhood). These companies were known to sell unlicensed/bootleg merchandies and were the subjects (along with others) of at least one lawsuit in 1977.

    I have also read that they may have been used on and around college campuses by local movie houses with a limited budget to spark student interest in showings at local theaters. Others report them being sold at bookstores and convention/trade shows.

    The Star Wars Collectors Archive lists the Star Wars posters with a 1983 date, but no photos or additional information is included.

    Any additional information, clarification, or correction on the nature, purpose, and/or value of these posters is greatly appreciated!
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    Here is an older thread that may have some information to help you out

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    I did find that thread as well as this one:

    ELECT Leia Organa Poster

    They were the only two places on the web that I found with any kind of substantial information. I am hoping that, with a little more exposure, some additional details will come out.
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