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Thread: My Collection is Frozen

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    My Collection is Frozen

    Man, I haven't bought anything since my purchases this summer. I feel out of the game, has anyone ever felt like this? I bought a sweet collection of 12 backs a few months back, that was 5gs, but worth it. Then I came across a nice DT Vader and bought that which put me back $3,500. Then a week after that I bought another DT Vader for $1200. I blew close to 10gs on Star Wars figures, LOL! The good thing is I paid half of this debt with cold cash. Now I'm paying the rest off monthly. Don't get me wrong, I could just pay the rest off but I like having cash in the bank for unknown variables in the future. I think it's good that I can hold myself back because these were huge purchases in my opinion. Not to mention I'm doing house repairs as well. Gutters and vinyl siding next week, that is 6gs. A new bath room, another 6gs probably.

    Man I just feel blah... Has anyone ever dealt with managing your money correctly? Man you have to control this hobby or it will break you.

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    Yeah, spending money on my house always bums me out too.

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    It's not a race. You don't have to buy everything all at once. One thing about this hobby is that there's always going to be something to spend your money on, if you're so inclined.

    Also, 6gs for vinyl siding AND gutters really isn't bad!

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    Have you heard of flipping something, haha...jesus, man, you sound depressed, haha...this is supposed to be fun...

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    Just use the time to really appreciate the items you bought, sometimes its easy to get caught up in the chase and the buy, when the important thing is to appreciate what we have imo.
    Im not sure id call it ''being out of the game'' if you havnt bought in a few months, you sound up to your neck in the game lol, when you get all your home repairs done and debts paid off youll be back bigger and better than ever.
    And youve bought some killer pieces over the last year anybody would be proud of.

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    Dude, You should try working a character focus where your lucky if one thing comes along a year. Man its boring sometimes. If yours is frozen only after a few months then mine feels like its been cryogenically frozen forever LOL.
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    Yeah.....we've all been there......when big money is dropped,especially on a payment plan,it can stop your collecting.....COLD.

    In the past I have been over-committed and had to pass on some pieces I really wanted. The urge for instant gratification nowadays can ruin the satisfaction of chase,hunt and capture.




    more patience.

    The 3 things every collector needs.

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    I haven't bought and can't buy anything for ages!
    ive been out of work for 4 months Because of my accident and now I just got a new job but don't get paid till November
    plus we just go a new apartment which is not a bad thing but all of this has/will put the breaks on me for a while!
    i can't say I like iT much but that's life.
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    I will echo what Grant said...I have found a whopping ONE item for my focus collection so far this year and I will be thrilled if I find even one more next year. It can definitely be extremely slow!

    You have found some killer items, enjoy!
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    When I first got into collecting I wanted everything at once as well. I will never have those pieces you mentioned in your collection. I only buy a figure here and there to add it to my wall. I found that buying a piece here and there makes this hobby more fun. I also wouldn't be taking out loans for my hobbies either (no offense). I wish my wife would say go and spend 10G on your hobby. Your a lucky guy to have that kinda life......not sure if your married or not but if you are found a keeper. My wife complains over $500 figures. I would just be content with what you have. Think about what pieces you have...I am quite certain a lot of people such as myself could only wish to have some of those.

    There is always the possibility of flipping figures or starting a focus as others have mentioned. I mean think about it.....if you had every single piece you wanted in your collection after one huge purchase..then would just be bored and think now what? I agree with others...just be patient and enjoy the hobby for all it is worth. My collection has been "frozen" since July because my wife needed a new car and we updated our kitchen and bathrooms.....I would rather write a check out in full for a car and have a nicer updated house over adding a few things to my collection. I have accepted that other things in life come first before my hobby. As you mentioned.....having a large savings account is what is most important because during an emergency, you can't pay bills with star wars figures lol.
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