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Thread: Star Wars at The National Museum of Play

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    Star Wars at The National Museum of Play

    Every year, The National Museum of play at The Strong in Rochester, NY inducts two toys into its Toy Hall of Fame. One of the 2012 inductees was Star Wars action figures. Early this year, they purchased a large lot of figures from Steve Sansweet (figures that had been photographed for The Ultimate Action Figure Collection, released last fall). Between that collection and various donations, there are three separate displays in the museum today.

    Unfortunately, my good camera had a dead battery when I went today, so I was forced to use an old camera. I get free admission through the end of September, so I may go back over the weekend and take better photos.

    The first is on the ground floor, near the museum's Sesame Street and Wegman's interactive areas. It is three large cases filled with the Sansweet collection. The figures are a range from the first vintage figures through figures released last summer (when the book was completed). Weapons and accessories are mismatched, however. This is likely a temporary display.

    Click the photo for shelf-by-shelf photos

    The second location is in the actual Toy Hall of Fame, on the second floor.

    Click the image for close-ups

    Interestingly, Vader has a blue lightsaber (which must have been donated that way), and there is a single 1997 mail-away Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Next to this case is another:

    Click for close-ups

    The shelf below also has carded Power of the Force (1995) figures.

    Deep in the "toys through the ages" exhibit, which is just shelves of toys, sorted by era and type, is this, which predates its induction into the hall of fame.

    They also have an exhibit about life in each decade of the last century. The display for the 1980s also includes this:

    If you happen to be in Rochester with a few hours to spare, stop in. It's great for kids, and there's a vintage arcade on the second floor. It might be the only arcade in the city that isn't a Chuck E Cheese.

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    Pretty cool. Nice to see my childhood lunch box made it into a museum!

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    Yea thats cool thanks for sharing.
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    That's awesome! I wish they had that when I lived in Rochester.

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    that's cool!

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    Nice! I'll be in NY Before the end of the year. Maybe I can drop in (fingers crossed).
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