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Thread: Luke Stormtrooper AFA Loose Gun Question?

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    Luke Stormtrooper AFA Loose Gun Question?

    Hi! I recently got a Loose Luke Stormtrooper that was AFA graded. I'm used to the solid black gun, but this one had a blue/green gun. I called AFA and was notified that besides Black, they also allow the blue green and a grey gun. They just said no Navy Blue guns.

    Is this what everyone would expect??

    I really tried hard to get Solid non-light transmitting black guns in the past with loose ungraded, but AFA says they allow a fairly wide range with this figure.


    Thanks!- Roger

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    Did they give any reason why? Do they have some knowledge of Luke Stormtroopers coming with different versions of the blaster besides black?

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    Wow, I'm glad that I didn't $pend extra and get an AFA Luke Stormtrooper just because I would have "known" it definitely had the correct blaster!

    Was there a European version or something with the other colors? Or just a case of 'tons of submissions with the wrong blaster?'

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