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Thread: Value on "green" POTF figures ?

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    Value on "green" POTF figures ?

    I have a chance to buy a set of 9 POTF "green" card figure set.

    What is it worth do you think?


    *LUKE SKYWALKER as Jedi Knight (.02, $10 bv)
    *LUKE SKYWALKER in Stormtrooper Disguise (.02, $14 bv)
    *PRINCESS LEIA in Boushh Disguise (.02, $18 bv)
    *R5-D4 (.01, $24 bv)
    *DARTH VADER with FLASHBACK PHOTO (.00, short saber, $14 bv)
    *MOMAW NADON "HAMMERHEAD" (.01, with photo, $12 bv)
    *TUSKIEN RAIDER (.01, with photo, Collection 2, $15)
    *GRAND MOFF TARKIN with "NEVER BEFORE OFFERED" Sticker on package (.01, Hologram, $9 bv)
    *TIE FIGHTER PILOT (.04, Hologram, $12 bv)

    Any advice?

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    Wrong section but ab out $2-$4 a piece....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaderlife View Post
    Wrong section but ab out $2-$4 a piece....
    Yup. These are in the "Hasbro Modern" section and generally go by POTF2.

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    @ Vaderlife , TheRealDub, thanks guys , still getting to grips with this place so apologies for wrong place of post.

    Would you also know the value of a Celebration vi Official pix 8x10 signed Peter Mayhew pic of Chewie?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaderlife View Post
    Wrong section but ab out $2-$4 a piece....
    Generous. I was going to say $9. LOL

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    The market is FLOODED with these and they are worth no more than a few bucks each. Book value has been non existent since ebay came along. If a book says an item is worth $50, but the last 25 of them on ebay have only peaked at $25(at the most) in recorded sales, then $25 is the true value of said item. Price guides are good for visualizing an item(IE. Gus and Duncan's, Sansweet) but most of the prices(especially items produced after 1990) contained in them are out of date before the book makes it to the printer.

    There is a box to the left hand side on ebay in the listings that says completed items. Click this after you type your keyword into the search box and it will show you all the items that have(or not) sold within the last few months.

    Hope this helps and if you get them cheap enough, you can donate then to a toy drive like Toys For Tots around the holidays. I've donated hundreds of modern figs over the years and it'll make someone's day who can't afford a $9 current figure from the stores.

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