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Thread: OT: looking for a couple original Garbage Pail Kids Cards

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    OT: looking for a couple original Garbage Pail Kids Cards

    looking for a couple garbage pail kids from the 1980's series. have lots to trade. will trade a series card for a card of the same series. cards don't have to be mint but need to be nice enough and with their border.

    series 1- 5a, 5b, 28b

    series 2- 47b 2x, 48a, 52b

    Trade Feedback

    Looking for any type of Snaggletooth prototypes- New or vintage!!!

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    There is a card store around the corner from my house that has a box of these out - let me know if that helps you at all. I believe it says they are from 1985.

    I guess I can't guarantee the cards but if you wanted some packs I could pick them up for you. I think they were $1 a pack.
    Thanks Hasbro. You have officially converted me to a grumpy old complainer.

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    $1 per pack from 1985 GPK? I'd bet against that. The owner doesn't know what he's got. Those boxes go for a lot of money. Im half-tempted to take you up on that if they are 1985.
    Interested in all US carded POTF2 figures (mostly variants, red/green-carded holograms right now)

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