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Thread: Seems to be a bit quiet around here lately?

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    Seems to be a bit quiet around here lately?

    Is it just me or has anybody else noticed it seems to be a little quiet around here of late?
    I used to be able to log in and see nearly a whole page of new blogs but it seems like we could be going through a bit of a slow cycle, or i could be wrong, it wouldnt be the first time lol.
    I often think of starting a new thread but then i think, no thats been talked about before at some time or another, i'll have to start searching old threads to find a few great ones to bump to get a bit of action happening.
    Anybody else noticed its a bit quiet? Any ideas why?

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    Yes AF, it has been quiet lately. I guess the fact that most topics have been talked about is a reason. I have been temped to start a new thread, but most of the time the topic has been discussed, thus, no new conversations on an "old" topic. If one brings up an old topic, they are quickly pointed to the old discussion(thread), and there ends the topic. I think that this could be a factor, as there is a s... load of information/threads here on RS.

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    Maybe everybody is thinking the same and not posting because they want to avoid possible repetition - it has been made a bit of a hot topic in recent months.

    The reduced number of valuation and legitimacy queries must impact (positively?) on the number of threads though.

    Seasonally I guess holiday season and then folks settling back in to other things prevent them from purchasing or contributing as much at the moment.

    Edit: I'm all for a bit of bumping, I'm sure there are plenty of threads that were overlooked that are worthy of a second chance.
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    well you can only rehash and rehash the vintage items so long before it's gets old. One more thread about " I got screwed on ebay , is this fake or anything about a DS , im going to scream. or maybe people are getting outside and seeing nature,seeing family or knocking boots with loved


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    I think part of it is the mods cracking down and cleaning up the forums, IE; posting questions about how much something is worth in the dedicated thread is a good example:

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    I'm sure it's just a coincidence. I think some members are more active initially when the site is just brand new to them. That said, I'm sure membership is continuously increasing at a higher rate than before as the new movies get closer and closer to becoming a reality.

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    A lot of people are posting on FB groups.

    I personally enjoy posting on the forums much more. Never liked FB to begin with. Plus the level of noobiness on most general FB vintage groups is astounding!
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    I joined recently. Nearly every time I've had a question I've googled before posting and Rebel Scum has already answered it. So perhaps that's it.
    I am very cautious of the mods so try not to post for no reason.

    I'm a new collector trying to get back the toys from my youth and love this forum already. Threads like the recent 'favourite thread' post have kept me busy for hours since joining and are a fantastic source of knowledge. I just wonder what I have to contribute as you all are so clued up.

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    This place goes through quiet periods sometimes. I see plenty of the old guard around posting here and there but it usually takes a note worthy thread to draw people out to post and not just another blue Snag turquoise torso thread. Plus I think there are a good few Face Book groups that have spawned over the last while which are probably drawing some of the traffic away from this place. I'm sure a lot of Scummer's do plenty of chatting via PM too.

    I can only talk for myself but once you've been around here for a little while and you kind of find your path or collecting avenue you sometimes tend to just look at threads or posts related to what your interested in. If its preproduction material like myself then your lucky if you log in once a week or a month to find a thread that catches your eye with exception to some of the awesome limelights that shared here.

    Just my 2 pence worth.
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