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Thread: Yoda Focus (new update)

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    Yoda Focus (new update)

    It's grown a bit since I last Limelighted, I was going to update my old thread but I can't edit the photos so had to start a fresh one.

    Updated group shot, new additions are Fortune telling Yoda, Kenner US boxed Puppet, Custom Toltoys 21 back Yoda and Custom Yoda Popy

    Detolfs starting to get a little full :?

    Boxed Dagobah Playset flanked by a couple extra Puppets.

    GG Jumbo Yoda, this is the only thing I could think to do with that bloody stupid giant card they come with.
    All of my loosies the only real variant in there is the Lili Ledy, but there are some cool colour variations like all the different colours of snakes canes and skin tones.

    Kenner 32 back, Canadian 32 back, German General Mills 45 Back ( green snake oooooohhh! :lol: ) ESB Baggie, Toltoys NZ 32 back

    Kenner 79 back, Tri Logo, POTF, Kenner 65 back, NZ Toltoys 48 back card back ( alright it's Chewbacca but I like to pretend it's Yoda )

    Shampoo Bottle, Lorraine ( Mrs Frunkster ) Original Pyro Art such an awesome piece, Loose Puppet, Golden Fleece Petrol Promo sticker, Kenner Canada MISB Puppet, Pencil Topper.

    Cheers Ryan
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    I come from a land DownUnder!!

    Coming along quite nicelly.
    The top shelf looks awesome.
    Love the GG card back.

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    Awesome this fully packed Detolf is! You prove: It's not about gathering masses, it's all about focus, passion and presentation.
    This is one nice example of a collector with style. Triple thumbs up!

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    awsome display, very nice
    My collection
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    Great collection and very beautifully displayed. Thanks for sharing the update with the rest of us.

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    Very nice, I enjoy seeing how everyone displays their collection.

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    Absolutely awesome Display! Love your Yoda Stuff.

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    Looks great Ryan! Some really nice MOCs there and I like all the hand puppets.
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    Hey Ryan

    Some great items there love the display you can never go wrong with a Detolf. Love the Toltoys NZ 32 back my fav piece and the other Moc's are not to shabby either.


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    Thanks fellas, I'm hooked on the little Green bloke!

    I think I've gone a little puppet crazy to be honest Shawn, not sure how I managed to get so many !

    Thanks Vince, the NZ Yoda is the jewel in the crown for me. Love it!

    Just updated with some new items at the top of the page.

    Cheers Ryan
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