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Thread: I have been after a good condition box for years

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    I have been after a good condition box for years

    One of my most favorite boxed items I now own, as every time this box ever comes up it is in horrible shape.

    This never came misb, it always was sent out with no tape.

    Love it!

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    I love that item. Congrats. Doesn't get enough attention from collectors.
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    So sad these don't show up more often. Any info on the production quantity of these boxed ones?
    What's on the other sides of the box?
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    Did you win this playing poker? Just when you thought you had everything....Jeff shows up with something nobody has. Great pick up Jeff. I am going to borrow this for a few years okay.
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    Very nice. Would definitely like to add that to the collection one day

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    That's a Banger Jeff Great piece man!
    Big L Rest In Peace!
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    Good going Jeff. An AFA80 for this piece is hard to find. Beautiful

    Cheers, Mark

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    WOW!! They should feature your collecion on the "TOY Hunter" show. It would be fun to watch that Jordan guy drool over your figures, tell you how rare they are and the history of each one..... then low-ball you with offers.... hahaha, I'd pay to see that
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    Great pick up Jeff! It took me forever to find a decent one that wasn't waaay overpriced.

    Star Wars stuff is a horrible investment. Star Wars fans are always broke because all they buy is Ramen noodles, peanut butter and Kenny Baker autographs.

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