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Thread: FT: Haves & Wants List- R2D6Kelly

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    FT: Haves & Wants List- R2D6Kelly


    Star Wars:

    Action Masters:
    1994 C-3PO
    1994 StormTrooper
    1994 Luke Skywalker
    1994 R2-D2
    1994 6 Pack Collector' Set

    1993 Han Solo (formed bubble)[pending]
    1993 Obi-Wan Kenobi (formed bubble)
    1993 Princess Leia (formed bubble][pending]

    Action Fleet #5 Battle pack (sealed but badly damaged)
    Boba Fett Head pieces

    Power of the Force Red Card:
    1995 Yoda with Jedi Backpack (sealed but damaged, better for an opener)

    Power of the Force Freeze Frame:
    1997 Princess Leia Organa in Ewok Celebration Outfit[pending]

    Original Trilogy Collection:
    #33 Princess Leia[pending]

    Animated Series:
    2003 Obi Wan Kenobi Clone Wars[pending]

    Blue Card:
    2002 Mace Windu with Battle Droid (red droid variant)

    Episode III:
    #41 Clone Trooper[pending]

    Opened with package:
    Star Wars Episode I Action Fleet Poder Racer Hanger Bay (missing Pit Droid and Mechanic)

    Vintage Collection
    VC90 Colonel Cracken

    Original Line Death Star Droid (a little wear)

    Toys R Us Silver R2-D2 with Star Case x 2[both pending]
    30th Anniversary Coin Album with Vader
    Star Wars Trilogy DVD collection (Vader, Emperor, Stormtrooper figures) (small tear on back)
    Toys R Us Dark Star Comics x 2- #1 of 4 "Full of Surprises, #3 of 4 "Practice Makes Perfect", #4 of 4 "Machines of War"
    2005 Kellogg's Saber Spoon x 3
    Mini Poster- Boba Fett's Armor on one side, Slave I on the other[pending]

    Hot Wheels:

    Treasure Hunt
    2006 #9 Cul8R (old card version]
    2007 #5 MegaThrust x 2
    2007 #6 Hammersled
    2007 #8 Jaded
    2007 #8 Jaded (short card)
    2007 #11 Cadillac V1
    2007 #12 Evil Twin
    2008 #2 '70 Plymouth Road Runner
    2008 #5 Hot Bird x 2
    2008 #6 Qombee x 2
    2008 #8 Dodge Viper
    2008 #8 Dodge Viper (short card)

    2008 #9 16 Angels (short card with 40th anniversary logo)
    2008 #11 Drift King
    2009 #5 '37 Ford
    2009 #6 '34 Ford x 2
    2009 #7 Custom '53 Chevy x 2
    2009 #12 Neet Streeter x 2
    2010 #2 Cheroleter x 2
    2010 #4 Ratbomb (short card)
    2012 #8 '52 Chevy

    Starting Line-up Figures:

    1993 Jack McDowell (White Sox)
    1993 Robin Ventura (White Sox)

    1995 Glenn Robinson (rookie) (Bucks)
    1995 Nick Van Exel (Lakers) x 2
    1995 Toni Kukoc (Bulls)
    1995 Grant Hill

    1995 Chris Zorich (Bears)
    1995 Irving Fryar (Dolphins)
    1995 Greg Lloyd (Steelers)

    1995 Bob Corkum (Ducks)
    1995 Martin Brodeur (Devils)

    Masters of the Universe Figures

    2002 "The Courage of Adam" VHS Sealed
    "Dragon's Brood" VHS Sealed

    Loose Figures:

    2001 line-
    3" PVC Stratos

    2003 Whiplash
    2003 Two-Bad with video "The World of He-Man"
    2003 Buzz-Off with video "The World of He-Man"
    2002 Mek-A-Neck (green goggles)
    2002 Heroes vs. Villains Gift Pack with exclusive Beast Man (mini figures)


    1994 Tyco Looney Tunes Sylvester Jr.
    1994 Tyco Looney Tunes Pep Le Pew
    1995 Happy Meal Power Rangers The Movie Watch
    1995 Happy Meal VR Troopers Wrist Spinners
    1995 Hardee's Toy X-Men Phantasia vs Storm
    1995 Hardee's Toy X-Men Wolverine vs. The Blob
    1996 Happy Meal Transformers Panther
    2002 Happy Meal Tigger
    2002 Harry Potter line Bilingual Tom Riddle (Glow in the Dark)
    2003 Justice League Attack Armor Martian Manhunter
    2003 Justice League Martian Manhunter
    2003 McDonalds (bagged) Happy Meal Toy- Man At Arms
    2003 McDonalds (bagged) Happy Meal Toy- Beast Man
    2003 McDonalds (bagged) Happy Meal Toy- Orko
    2003 McDonalds (bagged) Happy Meal Toy- Ram Man
    2007 Lunchables Transformers piece
    Kellog's Watch



    Cantina Sets:
    Kitik Keed'Kak

    Saga Series (blue card):
    #13 Jango Fett Unpainted visor
    #17 Clone Trooper 3 Dots
    #29 Luke 2nd arm straight
    #54 Rebel Trooper 3rd sculpt (head)
    #55 Imperial Officer 3rd sculpt (head)
    Deluxe Figures:
    Anakin Flipping Attack
    Darth Tyranus
    Genosian Warrior
    Jabba the Hutt
    Jabba's Court Denizens
    Super Battle Droid Builder
    Spider Droid

    Diorama Jedi Council 1
    Diorama Jedi Council 2

    Sandtrooper 4 pack (Fan Club)
    Rebel Trooper 4 pack (Fan Club)
    Battle of Hoth 4 pack (Toys R Us)

    Clone Wars:

    #45 Obi-Wan
    #50 Clone Trooper (facing left)
    Droid Army

    Clone Trooper Red
    Clone Trooper Blue
    Clone Trooper Yellow
    Mace Windu[3rd season]

    25th Anniversary:

    Power of the Jedi:
    Battle Droid(boomer & Secrurity)
    Bespin Guard
    Biker Scout (clean & dirty)
    Boss Nass
    Chewbacca (Dejarik & Mechanic)
    Coruscant Guard
    Darth Maul (fianl Duel & Sith Apperntice)
    Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath)
    Eeth Koth
    Gungan Warrior
    Han Solo (Bespin Capture)
    Imperial Officer
    Jek Porkins
    Jar Jar Binks with tongue
    Lando Calrissian
    Leia General
    Leia (Bespin Escape)
    Mas Amedda
    Mon Calimari
    Obi Wan (Jedi, Old, Cold Weather, Training Gear)
    Queen Amidala (Threed Invasion Decoy)
    Qui Gon Jinn (Mos Espa)
    Rebel Trooper
    Saesee Tinn
    Shmi Skywalker
    Tusken Raider

    Power of the Force:
    Power F/X R2-D2
    Gunner Station Darth Vader
    Gunner Station Han Solo

    Cinema Scenes:
    Cantina Show Down
    Final Jedi Duel

    FlashBack Photos:
    Obi Wan
    Darth Vader
    Emperor Palpatine
    Leia in Ceremonial Gown
    R2-D2 (saber right side)

    Expanded Universe:
    Mara Jade

    Freeze frame & Power of the Force (green card): Too Many to list.

    Celebration 6- Lando

    Vintage TVC-
    Darth Malgus

    OTC Lost Line Sandtrooper
    And most newer lines of star wars carded figures,please inquire.
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    Thanks for the views and will update list soon after checking mail.Please keep inquiring about anything on my list.

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    Also looking to trade for any Star Wars carded error figures.[EX. wrong figure on wrong card]. I love that kind of stuff. Or wrong freeze frame or bio card in package too would also work. Thanks for looking.

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    My haves list has been updated...And some things deleted due to being already traded. Next time will update the wants list.

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    Wants list edited,and both lists keeps getting smaller thanks to several trades.

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    Made another trade.List is currently up to date,but will be added more haves soon.These items need to go,taking up way to much space.Please inquire about anything interested about,willing to trade.

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    Many of the hot wheels are pending till trade is completed.Will deleted ones after terms of trade are finished.All the other items still need to find a good home. Maybe for Christmas?

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    All Hot wheels are pending due to possible trade.Yea! Other items still available.

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    Would like this action figures to go to a good home.Soon. Will trade for most any newer carded Star Wars figure and what is on my wants list also.I tired of looking at these boxes on the floor.

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    Updated haves list.Most of hot wheels gone with one big trade. Now can the rest of these items on my haves list disappear,I'll be a happy person.

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