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    All sold - Please delete thread


    I have a few loose extras I need to clear out. All are in great to like new condition from a smoke free home. Shipping (USA only) is $2.50 for 1 to 2 figures, $3.00 for 3 to 4 figures...etc. All are complete. Paypal only.

    Vintage Collection Red Snaggletooth (from Target 3-Pack) x6 - SOLD
    Vintage Collection Tusken Raider (from Target 3-Pack) X4 - SOLD
    Death Star Droid-MB-RA7 (from Target 3-Pack) - SOLD
    R5-D4 (from Target 3-Pack) - SOLD
    Juno Eclipse (Single Pack version, NO stand) - SOLD
    Mii'Yoom Onith (includes coin, NO bar piece) - SOLD
    Lando (POTJ) - SOLD
    Jek Porkins (POTJ) - SOLD

    That is all.
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