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Thread: Need help/ advice/ info on completing my ROTJ carded collection

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    Need help/ advice/ info on completing my ROTJ carded collection

    Last week I completed my 21 carded star wars figure run. I have about 20 ESB's moc's to go (no rush). I need just one ROTJ carded figure to complete the ROTJ run which includes alternate photo cardbacks. For the life of me, I cannot find a Emperor on an offerless card with a clear bubble. I passed on one with an offer a while back. I like the Anakin offer ROTJ's. Should I break down and purchase a common yellow bubble Emperor and have it be my only visibly yellowed bubble MOC?? I have a few others that would grade yellow, but that look clear to me.

    Thoughts? Yes, I am a buyer too! This is more than a WTB post though. Why is this figure so tough?? I know 10 years ago there was a handful that came onto the market.

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    Also, what do you think a fair price would be if one came onto the market? I am talking a generally nice c-8 or above? I actually don't care too much about minor creasing on the card or at all if it's unpunched.
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    For some reason, that particular figure is almost always yellow. If it was me, I'd say break down and buy a yellow bubble. I am of the thought that with that figure, even if it's a clear bubble now it will start yellowing in the next few years.

    Non-graded clear bubble figures go for $100+ as opposed to about $50 for a yellow bubble.
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    Really tough to get in a clear bubble, good luck.

    But if you really want a challenge try and get all 79 on ROTJ cardbacks with clear bubbles, it'll take a lot longer then a series collection, as the first 48 is where it get's really difficult with ROTJ figures.
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