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Thread: Boston Super Megafest

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    Boston Super Megafest

    I can help some folks out with autographs at Super Megafest this November. Femi Taylor was just announced last night as attending the show and Jeremy Bulloch and Ray Park have also been announced (Karen Allen too, for any Indy collectors.)

    Please send me a private message if you need some help.

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    Hi Frank! Tried to PM you, but your inbox is full.

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    I'm in for 1-2 Femis.
    C. Perry

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    Hi guys, sorry I was in Montreal for Comic Con this weekend and just saw that my inbox is full. I'll take care of it this afternoon. You can always contact me through my website or it's Facebook page as well if you can't reach me here.

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    i am in for the three
    Femi Taylor
    Jeremy Bulloch
    Ray Park
    i want them all

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    If anyone can help me with Ray Park and Jeremy Bulloch from this show, please PM


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