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Thread: WTB: Master replicas, Flacon,Y-wing, at-at

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    WTB: Master replicas, Flacon,Y-wing, at-at

    thanks everyone for the info and help, all items have been found just pending shipping.... thanks again hop it gets to my place safely

    thred can be closed

    looking to buy Master replicas, Flacon,Y-wing, at-at (signature or non signature) send me info , just need it to be complete, boxes or not boxes dont matter to me as i will be displaying them anyways. on what you have and condition and your best price with shipping to California and any paypal fees you decide to add. i know you will all want the most money you can get so i will buy the best offer i get and will NOT respond back with a lower offer just a "No thanks i will pass" or " you got a deal"

    thank you
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    i want them all

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    Questions to help you out with your thread:

    1) Which version of the AT-AT are you looking for? LE or SE?
    2) Do they need to be complete with everything including shipping boxes?

    Good luck in your search!

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    You wouldn't want to ship a MR AT-AT without the original packaging....they are extremely delicate.

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    Deleted: Just noticed that you found what you wanted. Congrats!
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