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Thread: Newbie - some advice please?

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    Newbie - some advice please?

    Hello guys, complete newbie to the site and love it thus far! Some advice on some items I have (just a tip of the iceberg of my collection) would be very much appreciated !

    I have a loose Boba Fett with " C.P.G 1979 " on the back of left leg and " Taiwan " on back of right leg. It also has some spaces in the green in the chest plate - something I have not seen before on others. Would also be grateful if anyone can provide a link to where I might get the correct weapon for this.

    I have an Emperor still in what I believe to be the mail away bag, though bag is split at top (but not big enough to have put figure into it to scam) and says " MADE IN HONG KONG " on the bag and " L.F.L. 1983 " on the back of his robe at lower left hand side.

    I have a LARGE Han in carbonite - stamped Lucas Film 1988 made by Hasbro in China.

    I also have a couple of badges, one Star Wars that shows a huge Vader head with Luke and Lea that is a bit bigger than a 50p coin and badly scratched , another that is MUCH bigger and has a picture of Ben and the words " Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi" on it, along with TINY writing on the edge which says "Image Factory" and some other stuff I can't make out.

    Advice or knowledge of these pieces and/or their worth please?

    Thanks !

    Bully :-)
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    well, the boba fett is just a common boba fett the gun he came with is the standard stormtrooper blaster, I think fett came with the blue/black or blue or even the all black thanks to the droid release. so don't have to be too picky with him ... mint complete he'll hit 20 bucks no weapon and play wear as low as a buck or two up to 10 maybe 15 if in super nice condition .. one thing I do know from a taiwan fett I had .. the green chest paint can come off pretty easy

    the emperor is one of the most common to find mint in bag due to being a mail away figure. ebay would be the best way to find out the going rate for him, I'm not a baggie collector so I don't follow their values.

    the han in carbonite is most likely 1998 and not 88 since that's the year hasbro made him, he can be found Mint in box for around 30 bucks so if your's is loose prob about 10 bucks.

    I don't know much about the badges someone will help you out sooner or later ... pictures would help a lot.

    welcome to the place I'm not much of an active poster but there are a lot of good guys on here that are. Have fun and you'll find it's a great hobby.

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