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Thread: Square 1 - lightsabers... Authentic or Repro?

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    Square 1 - lightsabers... Authentic or Repro?

    I've handled enough of all of the other weapons that I can generally identify by just sight/feel, but these little suckers have been a thorn in my side. Of course there's the float and drop tests which I've done. All float, but I find it difficult to get these to really make the proper sound as they are so light. Someone mentioned the blacklight test to me before and it usually seems to be pretty effective (5 of the 7 glow in this lot), but don't know if it's a rule of thumb or simply a single clue in a list of them. I recently bought a lot from a dealer that had 3 of these in it. He claimed that they were real and appears to be a reputable eBay seller, but 2 don't appear to be authentic to me. They are a bit darker than known authentic versions that I have and appear to be a bit stiffer. I've used IG to try to compare, but they ReValveiT repros that they show all appear to have a slight rounded tip/transition, while these are all very flat. I'm not sure if the pics are too far away, but I'll add a couple different ones to see if anyone can identify which they believe to be authentic (if any) and which they believe are fake. They're not painted FWIW.

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    From memory Taiwan sabers don't 'pass' the UV test. Colours vary too

    left one is a revalve it

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiejames View Post
    From memory Taiwan sabers don't 'pass' the UV test. Colours vary too.
    I was aware that the colors may vary, either by differences is where they were made or simple aging. I didn't know about the Taiwan lightsaber. The two that I was concerned about was the left bottom 2 (blue). They look more like your second from the right version than the far left version, as the tips are quite thin. I just hate to deal them and be wrong though. Again, they seem a little stiffer than the others, but not as stiff as a known fake that I have which is painted. Thanks for the reply AJ.

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    The bottom blue one looks a little off in it's proportion, but maybe that's just the photo angle. The tip looks wider at the base to me. Other than that they look good to me. But I don't know anything. The fakes I've seen are easy to spot.

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