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Thread: WTB: MOC Yoda's, POTF, Sticker Offers etc

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    WTB: MOC Yoda's, POTF, Sticker Offers etc

    Hey Fellas,

    I'm looking for MOC Yoda's for my focus, not overly fussed on condition so long as they are not complete beaters with smashed bubbles and such.

    Especially after the following:

    ROTJ original Pic,
    Any sticker or printed offer.
    Vintage Yoda 8 Ball fortune telling with box or loose

    Also looking for vintage oddball Yoda items and foreign card backs or cards with bubbles still attached.

    Please feel free to PM me with anything you think may be of interest.

    Cheers Ryan
    Vintage Collector

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    Hi Ryan I found another SW Yoda Item you may want no price yet but a picture;

    Please let me know if you have it,

    DSC_4745 - Rebelscum Photo Hosting

    DSC_4744 - Rebelscum Photo Hosting

    sincerely, Pascal
    Buying: Sears Canada Ugnaught Canadian Card vaccuform + Luke MISB/MIB Utility belt set. Buying Canadian Bilangual 3/7 packs. Or tease me with any MIP-MIB Canadian related items.

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    Thanks Pascal,

    I've sent you a PM mate.
    Vintage Collector

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