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Thread: Gentle Giant statue sale

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    Gentle Giant statue sale

    Hey guys I am looking to sell some GG statues. If not as a lot the individual prices are below! Prices include shipping in the US

    Darth Talon statue $300 SOLD
    Darth Maul intl statue $150 SOLD
    Darth Vader ROTJ statue $150 SOLD
    Boba Fett ROTJ statue $150 SOLD

    Han Solo and Chewbacca statues
    $375 shipped in the US!

    If there are any questions just ask!
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    PM's replied to. I am awaiting word from potential buyers. First to message me is first in line and I am looking to make lot deals

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    Thanks for the patience everyone. I am on a 24 hour duty shift and we cant have our phones in the building but I am responding to PM's as soon as I can.

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    Added Han, Chewie and Indiana Jones!

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    Han and Chewie price drop!
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