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Thread: Lego Decals - Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot

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    Lego Decals - Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot

    I thought that this would be the perfect place to showcase a couple of custom decals I've created, mostly of characters that LEGO are never likely to produce, so I've step in. ^_^

    LEGO have only released one Cloud Car in the Star Wars Line, 7119 back in 2002 (thats not including the recent mini-build), and that came with Lobot, so no actual cloud car pilots have been made. Because they only feature in the film for a split second, there is little information on the uniform, so this version is mostly constructed from the action figure, which is why he has that awesome seventies moustache. Also included is the parts list so everything matches up. (Forgot to add that he is equipped with a DC-17 tiny blaster)

    Click the image to go to my Flickr Page, where the full size image can be downloaded and printed for your enjoyment.

    If you do use this decal, I would love to see how it turns out and where in the universe he ends up. So do send me a link to any pictures or MOCs you have either through Flickr or any of methods on the bottom of the image, enjoy!
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    Wow, that is awesome. Even awesomer that you are willing to share this for free. Hopefully some d-bag doesn't use it for commercial gain and cause you to stop sharing these. Willrow Hood was great as well.

    If you're taking requests, how's about flesh versions of some of the figs that are only available in yellow such as the Cloud City Crew, or maybe even Greedo and other rare figures so that people could make their own. I'd also kill for Jay and Silent Bob minifigs...

    Looking to buy or trade for GI Joe Kreo Cobra army builders. Please PM if you can help me out.

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