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Thread: FT: Vintage Cardbacks - Over 350 Available, SW, ESB, ROTJ, POTF, Foreign

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    FT: Vintage Cardbacks - Over 350 Available, SW, ESB, ROTJ, POTF, Foreign

    Iím only missing a handful of Kenner back variations from the Kellerman matrices and am hoping to make a trade to fill the last few gaps. See my ďwantedĒ image below for my missing pieces. Iím also interested in foreign cardbacks (especially Belgium and the Netherlands). The condition of the front or the character doesnít matter to me. I would prefer cardbacks with the POP, but beggars canít be choosers, and I will accept rough cards. I will trade heavily in your favor if you can help me fill these gaps in my collection! At this time Iím only interested in trade offers - please no offers to buy at this time.

    I havenít listed them, but if you have a 31 or 32 back with the survival sticker I am very interested!

    Everything is in character order by movie except for a few stragglers at the end. Iíve labeled each group with a letter. In your IM please reference this letter and then number 1 to 15 from left-to-right and top-to-bottom. I also have a variety of carded and boxed items if you have something I need but donít see anything you want. Thanks!

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    PM sent...
    Looking for foreign cardbacks - PM me if you have any for sale/trade

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