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Thread: FS: Various Palitoy Tri-logo and Other MOCs

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    FS: Various Palitoy Tri-logo and Other MOCs

    Hi there. Thanks for checking this out. Below are pics and some descriptions for MOCs I have doubles of and no longer need. Click on each pic to enlarge it. I ship using USPS First Class Package (or however else you want me to), and will give you a price quote for shipping before you pay once you let me know if you are interested, which will depend on where you live. I am more willing to negotiate the price the more items you buy. I accept only PayPal as a friends and family payment (or add 3% to cover fees if you want to pay as payment for goods or services). Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

    Zuckuss - Trilogo - $150

    This harder to find carded figure has a little creasing on top left and a couple dings on the left side of the bubble, but no crushing of bubble whatsoever. Card otherwise has no issues.i

    Rebel Commander - Trilogo - $75 SOLD

    Card is in decent shape with a few creases and one dent in the bubble as shown.

    AT-AT Commander - Trilogo - $50
    The card is in decent shape with some creasing and a little smash in the front of the bubble.

    Lando Calrissian Skiff Disguise - Trilogo - $75 SOLD

    The card is in good shape with a couple minor creases as shown in the pics. Bubble has no real issues.

    2-1B - ROTJ - $50 SOLD
    Card is in good shape with little crease on top left and slight corner wear. Bubble is slightly yellow but in perfect condition otherwise.

    -LOM - Palitoy ROTJ - $40 SOLD

    Unpunched card has no issues and is in great shape. Bubble crystal clear, but has cracked at top although figure can't get out.

    Princess Leia Combat Poncho - $35

    Card has a few creases as shown in the pics. Bubble has a hole in the bottom but figure can't come out. Would be good for uncirculated figure.

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    Update with one item sold. Others are there for the grabbing!

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    Bump! Willing to negotiate the more you buy!



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    Got some interest, but nothing confirmed yet. Get 'em while they're hot!

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    End of week bump!

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    Bump! Willing to negotiate on these.

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