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Thread: FS: Vintage Loose Figures (SOLD)

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    FS: Vintage Loose Figures (SOLD)

    For figures that I have multiples of, refer to them as A, B, C, etc. from left to right. All weapons are original and vintage. Click image to enlarge. Thanks.

    Hammerhead $8 each
    Walrusman A: $8, B: $6
    Han Solo $12 each B SOLD
    C-3PO A: $18 (very tight), B: $12, C: $10 A and B SOLD
    Snaggletooth $8 each B SOLD
    Power Droid A: $12, B: $10
    R5-D4 $12 each B is SOLD
    Chewbacca $8 each

    Boba Fett $18 each
    Ugnaught $10 each (A's case has a broken handle) B is SOLD
    Yoda (brown snake) $35, (orange snake) $25 A is SOLD (brown snake)
    4-LOM $10 each A is SOLD
    Lando $8 each A is SOLD
    FX-7 $8 each
    Bespin Guard (white) $8 each A is SOLD
    Bossk $8 each A is SOLD
    IG-88 $10 each A is SOLD
    C-3PO (removable limbs) $6 each A, B, C, D and E are SOLD

    Emperor $8 each
    Nien Nunb $8 each
    Biker Scout $10
    Ree Yees $8
    Klaatu Skiff $8 each
    Paploo $25
    Chief Chirpa A: $8, B: $6
    Logray $8 each
    Luke Endor (no weapon) $15
    Admiral Ackbar $8
    Bib Fortuna $8 each A is SOLD
    Klaatu $8 each
    Luke Jedi (blue saber) $30 each, (green saber) $18 each A, C, D and E are SOLD
    Squid Head $8 each A is SOLD
    General Madine $10
    Lando Skiff Guard A: $10, B: $8
    Gamorrean Guard $8 each
    8D8 $8 each
    Weequay $8 each

    Amamaman; half a staff $10

    Capes are all in good condition, no tears.

    Obi Wan cape $8

    Lando cape $4 each


    Troop Transport $12

    Droid Factory; top $6, bottom $3 TOP SOLD

    Cloud Car $5

    B-Wing $5 each

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    Matthew (formerly Darth_Steve)
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    pm sent....
    Wanted: Nothing!

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    Just sent pm

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    Just a quick vote of confidence here for Matt. He is a local collector and friend. I went over the lot, with Matt and everything looked real good, so dont hesitate to buy.


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    PM sent on 5 figures.

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    Thanks for all the purchases guys.
    Matthew (formerly Darth_Steve)
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    Thanks to everyone that purchased figures from me. They have all been mailed out today. Still lots of good stuff for sale.
    Matthew (formerly Darth_Steve)
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